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Formulate 10ft master

Formulate 10ft master

Formulate 20 ft Master

Formulate 20 ft Master

Formulate 30 ft Designer

Formulate 30 ft Designer

Formulate 20 ft Designer

Formulate 20 ft Designer

Graphics, hardware includes OCL and OCH2 hard shipping cases: $2,100.00

Graphics, curved hardware with standoff monitor mount and side table. Includes 2 OCL and 1 OCH2 shipping cases: $3170.000

G30’ Backwall includes 2 OCE hard shipping cases $5630.00

20’ Backwall with one medium free standing monitor mount. Includes 3 OCE cases. $6,336.00

The Formulate S4 Straight 10ft Fabric Display is a sophisticated, straight shaped exhibit that combines a state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase fabric graphic with an advanced lightweight aluminum tube frame to provide unique design, functionality, and style. The S4 Straight Formulate display comes an accent ladder that incorporates two rigid graphics (top and bottom) and a small countertop. The display also includes is a 4ft wide graphic header and spot light to make your message shine. Stretch fabric graphics are hand-sewn, durable and dry-cleanable.

Easily convert the 20’ Master to a 10’ back wall with the purchase of a 10’ graphic. No additional hardware needed.

The Formulate 20H-03 Horizontal Curve 20ft Fabric Display showcases an organic curved shape and is certain to create an impact at your next event or tradeshow. With a simple snap-button tube frame, slip-over pillowcase fabric graphic and accent ladder, you can set up quickly and easily. The accent ladder includes rigid graphics (top and bottom) and a medium monitor mount to support multimedia presentations.The excellence of the Formulate line of displays, hanging structures and products is simply unmatched. Stretch fabric graphics are hand-sewn, durable and dry-cleanable.

Formulate Designer Series 30ft Backwall Kit 05 combines three straight backwalls to create a dominating, expansive inline display. The center wall is slightly taller than its neighboring walls, creating dimension and adding an element of style. The kit includes three aluminum tube frames with snap-buttons and three zipper pillowcase fabric graphics. Assembly is simple - connect the tubes, pull the graphics over the frames and zip. Formulate Designer Series 20ft Backwall Kit 13 showcases a unique design with organic curves. The kit includes two aluminum tube frames with spigot connectors, two zipper pillowcase fabric graphics and a monitor kiosk supporting a medium monitor mount for multimedia display. Assembly is simple - connect the tubes, place the monitor mount kiosk, pull the graphics over the frames and zip.


Formulate Fabric Backwalls combine state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase fabric graphics with advanced lightweight aluminum tube structures to create 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 30ft inline trade show displays. Available in three collections including Essential (economy), Master (mid-range) and Designer (premium), there is a solution for any space and need – find yours today


Formulate Backwall Accents add function and flair to any Formulate Master 10ft or 20ft backwall, providing extra real estate for product display and messaging. Choose from backwall connectors, ladders and canopies featuring monitor mounts, literature pockets, shelves, tables and more to find the accent that best suits your need.


If managing a tradeshow schedule where there are multiple size spaces to plan for, Modulate™ is the perfect exhibit system. Modulate pre-defined inline kits can reconfigure easily into smaller exhibit sizes with no extra parts or packaging. Maximize your value in a versatile, reconfigurable system!


Formulate Island Exhibits combine organic and architectural shapes that elevate and accentuate a message and brand to stand out in any trade show or event environment. With numerous 20ft x 20ft and 20ft x 30ft off-the-shelf options to choose from, there is a solution that will help to create a dynamic, unique and functional island exhibit.


Formulate Hanging Structures are ideal for attracting attention and for use as a focal point at an event and in an interior space by projecting messaging from all angles and drawing the eye upwards to a brand or message! Available in three wide-ranging collections including Essential (economy), Master (mid-range) and Designer (premium), it is easy to find the solution that fits your need.


From funnels, arches, towers, and conference walls to video walls and fabric rooms, Formulate® Architectural Structures are designed to impress. Easily captivate audiences at trade shows, events and in permanent environments. Browse the many ways to add WOW to any space!


If you are looking to incorporate digital messaging into your display or environment, browse the several different styles of Formulate® tension fabric iPad stands available. Sleekly designed freestanding iPad stands make it easy to encourage interactivity, present information and engage customers in any space.


Formulate® Counters complement the extensive line of 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 30ft inline and 20ft x 20ft island exhibits and displays. The variety of shapes and styles make it simple to pair with a Formulate backwall, island exhibit or display of your choosing.


Formulate Kiosks are ideal for displaying products in a showroom, trade show or for displaying a welcome message in a lobby. Make your messaging pop with a functional kiosk that features a custom look and flare. Browse to find the one that is right for your needs!

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